Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MissionGMAT *700* - Not a spectacular success but I can live with it :)

I attempted GMAT twice after my initial attempt and scored 700(Q49/V37) and 660(Q47/V34). Now you must be thinking that I must be crazy to retake my GMAT again after the 700 score. Well, I could not resist my urge to retake it simply because I had a wonderful time studying (and great momentum going) during my second attempt. I believed I could easily score 20-30 points more than 700. Also I could not have convinced myself if I had not taken it one more time after my second attempt. This is simply me, I can very well digest a failure knowing that I gave it everything rather than sit with a good (read above average) score.

"It is better to have tried and failed than to have not tried at all"

However looking back, I now realize that I have lost one whole month and with it the opportunity to do a lot other things like campus visit, school research, apply for round one etc. At this juncture, I am placed to take a crack at round two. (Okay, I heard you - I should have used 'such as' in my earlier sentence to provide examples and not used 'like'.)

So in short this is my story -

1. Seemingly typical IIM (Indian IT Male) :(
2. Good GPA (84%) :|
3. Low, virtually non-existent extracurricular activities :( :( :(
4. One sparkling silver lining in the dark cloud :)

And I need to convert the above inputs to fulfill my dream of studying in one of the top B-schools in US/India. Is there something that I am missing here ? .... well you guessed it ... All I need is some DIVINE intervention will help me reach my goal.

Well that certainly is not going to stop me from trying. In the worst case scenario, my attempts will help me understand myself and help position me better in future. Best case scenario - I will have a 250 watt smile on my face when I start my first day in one of the prestigious B-schools :)


  1. Congratulation.

    I constantly follow you.........and I 'm happy for you.

    I am also studying right now and struggling with number properties....I hope well for me too.


  2. @ Carcass - Thanks!

    I am happy that you are reading my blog posts.

    Keep working on your weak areas and constantly reinforce your strong points. I am sure you will crack GMAT and get to your dream B-school. Good luck to you. Happy studying.

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